2014 Submissions

Radio Epidemic Drum N Bass Song
Radio Allergy Drum N Bass Song
Modern Day Monsters General Rock Song
The beat with no name Hip Hop - Modern Song
Bee Soooongdotmov Pop Song
Operation; Viper Claw Dance Song
For Grace. I love you. Pop Song
Fast Cars Dance Song
EQUIKNOX Dubstep Song
Apologies, indiscretions, love R&B Song
Provoke Me (bitch) Dubstep Song
Cloak+Swagger Dubstep Song
DAncingforDollars Dance Song
Acepandemic Techno Song
Completely rotten Dance Song
Go on Ahead... Techno Song
I Run the Streets (aw yeah) Techno Song
The Curtain is on Fire- Pop Song
Shut up Mr. Sanders Techno Loop
Salmons Jammin Techno Song
Stool Pigeons Dubstep Song
ThreeHundredFourteen(314 song) Dubstep Song
Lotus Children Dance Song
For Grace. Thanks kid. Funk Song
BeatGrinder AKA Monkeyfeet Techno Song
John Goodman (fixed) Trance Song
Vermouth- Hip Hop - Modern Song
Lazerbabies Dance Song
Louis Hayes' Theme Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Jesus With the takedown Techno Song
boner soup Techno Song
Sleestaks and ham sammiches Techno Song
MDMA-the river Hip Hop - Modern Song
Friendly Foes Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Tommy Torpedo Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Plurge Video Game Song